I'm tired of whining and complaining and moaning around here. I've been using my personal for the wrong things and I've been doing the wrong things in communicating with people. So I've decided that I'm just going to avoid going on my personal altogether. I have more important things to focus on, and right now it's just been stressing me out. This is better off for everyone, trust me.

Tumblr is an amazing community, but it's not one that I really fit into the way I have been trying to fit myself into it. I think it's best if I reconsider my place here, and because of that I'm probably going to be quiet save for the occasional ask. I'm probably not going to leave permanently, knowing me, but the break is necessary.

I am not quitting any RPs. I'll be on my RP accounts quite frequently, but I don't want open communication on them either - just RP, as they were made for. This isn't to avoid anyone in particular; if you absolutely have to get back to me, you can contact me on any of them if you'd like. The most reliable is Shadow because I always get back to his account at some point or another. I may open a blog just for talking to me that I won't post on otherwise.

If you find some way to send asks, I won't answer them. Sorry.

Been gone since 10/19/12, 10:46 PM PST.

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